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YANKO Oxford Cap Toe 558 G Black

962 G / Boxcalf Negro

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  • €299.00 / para
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Product information

  • Type: Oxford
  • Last: Y 962G
  • Sole: Leather
  • Goodyear Welted construction: durability, comfort, easy repair and renovation, replaceable sole
  • In short: Classic black Cap-Toe oxfords are a very versatile formal shoe
  • Wear these shoes with: suit, tuxedo, coordinated ensembles
  • Occasions: wedding, prom, party, funeral, formal business meetings, office, theatre, opera
  • In one sentence: When you have an important meeting, the first thing you think of is CLASSIC OXFORD!

Wherever a formal and conservative dress-code is required, top-quality, elegant OXFORD will be the optimal choice. Connoisseurs appreciate these shoes for their canon compliance and wide range of use. Classic MUST HAVE! A good pair of elegant shoes can make a very good impression even with a not-so-good suit. On the other hand, it is hard to save the perception of poor or neglected shoes, even with a beautiful suit. Remember, that every successful styling starts with good shoes. That is why you should not be saving on shoes!



Men's shoes are undoubtedly considered to be one of the most elegant and formal models of men's shoes. Classic men's oxfords made of top quality natural leather are shoes that you should definitely start building your style with! Black YANKO 558 are perfect for formal elegant outfits. They will be perfect if you have a strict dress code at work. Pure and beautiful in its simplicity shoes with cap toe without broguing and unnecessary stitching. They are characterized by a high level of formality and it perfectly goes with suits, tuxes and tailcoats. A must-have item in every gentleman's closet and often the most important element of a man's closet. With this type of shoes that the adventure with men's formal elegance usually begins. Very universal and irreplaceable on the most formal occasions. The absolute base of any man's elegant shoe collection. It's hard to imagine more proper men's wedding shoes. If you don't know what to wear to your own or your friends' wedding, you just found the solution - classic black Cap-Toe oxfords! It's like the most: wedding shoes, formal shoes, business shoes and the most suitable men's shoes for a funeral. The same pair of men's oxfords will be perfect as shoes for evening events or business meetings. But also every day for work requiring elegant clothes. Wondering what shoes to wear to prom? Exactly the same men's Oxford shoes. The best formal shoes? The best suit shoes? The answer is - classic Oxfords!



The presented Cap-Toe model is made of high quality black Boxcalf Negro calf leather, which gives you a wide range of options. These extremely elegant black formal shoes guarantee a very good impression from the first time you put them on. However, if you want to spice up your style, the quality of the leathers used allows you to achieve a mirror shine on the cap-toes and heels. Take advantage of this option if you want to create a "WOW" effect. Matte or semi-gloss in suit shoes is not a bad thing, but high gloss brings out the best in them and enhances the positive perception. So if you want to make an even better impression, be sure to polish the heels and cap-toes of your suit shoes to a high shine. The mirror shine effect on these extremely elegant shoes makes a stunning impression. It's hard to ignore polished shoes with MIRROR SHINE effect. The quality of YANKO leather makes that minor scratches, discolourations and even some damages can be regenerated quite easily with the use of shoe cream and polish. The leather itself ages in a beautiful way with age.



The most elegant leather soles in classic shoes are the option that most gentlemen opt for. With them, the optimal and dynamic shape of the shoes is maintained and the soles themselves look extremely attractive. Beautiful leather soles are one of the signature marks of the most luxurious and elegant shoes. Some say that high-quality elegant shoes without leather soles do not exist. Such shoes are always combined with prestige, class and luxury, but also with the comfort of use. In spite of appearances, leather soles are quite durable and resistant. In YANKO Oxford 558 model you can find leather soles with closed sewing channel which means that the seams on the soles are not visible. They have been protected with an extra layer of leather and you will only see them when you rub them. This won't be a problem, of course, because even rubbing the seams of Goodyear Welted shoes doesn't weaken their construction. Many luxury manufacturers offer open channel sewing shoes where the seams are visible in brand new shoes.



The YANKO Oxford Cap Toe 558 model shoes have been sewn using the GYW method so that with proper care, there is a chance that these shoes will be basically immortal. GYW construction means quality, comfort, easy repair and refurbishment, and the ability to replace soles when they expire. Goodyear Welted is one of the strongest arguments for why you should bet on a top-of-the-shelf shoe. If you don't know why yet, be sure to try it and feel the difference.

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Czarne eleganckie obuwie 14588 typu boxcalf koloru czarnego z skórzaną podeszwą z wysokiej jakości skóry cielęcej licowej. Yanko shoes, Patine shoes, TLB shoes, buty eleganckie, buty garniturowe, buty ślubne, buty biznesowe, buty biurowe.
YANKO Oxford Cap Toe 558 G Black
€299.00 / para


We offer footwear only from the best leather on the market supplied by the most recognized tanneries in the world. Our leather comes mainly from Italy and France, and is produced using traditional methods based on many years of experience. Our raw materials are subjected to several rigorous inspections to guarantee the highest possible quality. As a result, we are able to provide our customers with shoes that with proper care can be passed on from generation to generation.


A wide range of footwear soles will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. From the most elegant leather butts for lovers of classic solutions, through rubber combined with the leather, which gives optimal comfort of use, to very resistant rubber soles, which are perfect even in extreme autumn-winter urban conditions. The vast majority of the offer are shoes sewn using the Goodyear Welted method, which has been preferred for the production of the highest quality classic footwear for years. A solution that has many advantages, and the biggest one is the trouble-free possibility of replacing the worn out soles with new ones after use.

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Most of our clients do not have a big problem with choosing the optimal size for themselves. It happens, however, that at the beginning of the adventure with classic footwear it is a bit problematic. That is why we have a GOLD STANDARD and full assistance from experienced support, which minimizes the risk and stress associated with choosing the size of the footwear. With each order it becomes much easier.

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