TLB Mallorca Artista

TLB Mallorca Artista

What do the best shoes in the world look like? The answer to this question will never satisfy all, because user preferences are very different. But if you're wondering what elegant GOODYEAR WELTED classic shoes are going to be the best - consider the TLB MALLORCA ARTISTA brand, because many leather shoe lovers around the world are betting on it!


The idea of the TLB ARTISTA brand is to offer aware customers RTW (Ready to Wear) shoes sewn in GYW method in an optimally high quality, which only the most luxurious brands and masters of shoemaking craftsmanship offering customized shoemaking (BESPOKE) can offer. Does this mean that you will not find RTW shoes of similar quality on the world markets? You will surely find them because there are a few brands that are similarly reliable in their approach to quality and detail. However, they will probably be much more expensive pairs than TLB MALLORCA ARTISTA's TLB MALLORCA shoes because the Mallorca Footwear Artists were very keen to give their audience the best possible shoes at an excellent price. You may be surprised, but a conscious customer already knows that, taking into account quality - these shoes are simply too cheap!
This is confirmed by industry experts who have predicted that prices will increase over the years. So don't think too long, because you can finally stay on the station platform.



TLB MALLORCA ARTISTA shoes have a price/quality ratio so high that finding something better becomes a real challenge that you may not be able to handle.
The experience of several generations, the huge determination and passion of a group of craftsmen from Mallorca have resulted in shoes that offer highly rare quality values on these price shelves.

  • Leather uppers, sewn only from the highest quality materials that can be found on the market. Only the best tanneries and only the best sort can offer that (not everyone has access to) - FIRST GRADE LEATHER from Annonay and Charles F.Stead.
  • Amazing shoe dynamics achieved thanks to unique lasts, which cost a lot of time and effort to create. The offer includes modern and aggressive shapes and also conservative, very classic lines that have delighted gentleman for years.
  • An exceptionally narrow waist, which can only be matched by the best in the industry and Japanese Craft Masters. This element is desired by lovers of classic shoes, but also difficult to achieve. It is not easy to create such a sleek and beautiful shoe, while keeping the comfort, durability and practical aspects. Anyway, the tight waist of the shoe is something you should see live!
  • The exposed sole and heel edges - another interesting feature of the are another that makes customers delighted.
  • Waist bevelling continues underneath the heels, a solution most often practised only in BESPOKE shoes. This results in a stronger waist with a natural look.
  • Real Leather Heel Stiffeners - heel stiffening made of natural leather, which better adapts to the individual anatomy of the feet. This solution also offers the possibility of reshaping if necessary.
  • Close-Cut Heels - tightly cut heels that follow the natural line of the upper.
  • The waist edge is also smooth, which is very unusual to see The sole and heel edges are very smooth. Not only does this look lovely, it makes it much simpler to polish and maintain the edges in perfect condition. 
  • 8 stitches per inch, tight sole to enhance the aesthetic experience. 
  • Soles sewn up to the heel, which is not standard in RTW shoes.
  • Calf lining with vegetable tanned leather insoles.
  • Optimised foot grip while maintaining a refined shape and elegant style.



TLB MALLORCA shoes have been designed in such a way that the majority of customers who have experience with PREMIUM brands in this segment have no problems with size selection and fitting.
If you're comfortable wearing the world's top brands sewn by Goodyear Welted, you're probably going to find exactly the right size for your TLB ARTISTA shoe. If in doubt, it is more common to buy TLB shoes half the size down of the TLB than the other way around.



Leather soles will always be most elegant. In TLB ARTISTA shoes they look exceptionally spectacular, as the very narrow waist make a fantastic impression. The rubber soles of TLB also look no worse, as they are seen as more practical by many users. Opinions on this issue have always been and will be divided, because everything depends on individual needs and preferences. If you use your shoes primarily in the office you are driving to, a leather sole may be the optimum choice. However, if you use your favourite shoes quite intensively on wet surfaces, rubber soles may actually be the better choice.



If you appreciate shoes from the most exclusive TLB ARTISTA line, but for some reason you don't want or can't afford them, it's essential that you pay attention to the other options available in our extensive offer:

  • TLB MALLORCA - the basic line of shoes of the same brand.
  • PATINE SHOES - our own line of shoes sewn using the GYW method with models created on the lasts of Polish Artist among Shoemakers - Master Tadeusz Januszkiewicz.
  • YANKO - Spanish brand, which has gained appreciation all over the world due to its quality. Over the years, there has been a saying among the Polish elegans: "You'd better join YANKO". There is no better recommendation!

No matter what you bet on - you will be satisfied!