About Company


Since 1890 succesives generations of the YANKO company are making shoes with the traditional handcraft process.

YANKO production is made in a traditional handcraft process together with extensive knowledge acquired through many years of experience in the field. YANKO is one of the best factories in the world making Goodyear shoes and YANKO is recognized around all the world for his quality.

All the production steps go under tight and detailed quality controls that allows us to create a full guaranteed product in order to please the most selective and demanding consumers to assure that when they choose YANKO they will own the finest handcrafted durable and comfortable pair of shoes made by the most experienced artisans in Mallorca, SPAIN.



SAPHIR, which received the golden medal in Paris in 1925 for the quality of its products, offers you a complete and unequalled range. This range was obtained thanks to a constant research and to a unique and narrow collaboration with the biggest brands of tanning and shoes. Our raw materials are never selected by their price but by their efficiency. For this purpose, we use natural products: turpentine, bees-wax, carnauba wax, mink oil, foot of beef, lanolin, plant...


Since 1925, Saphir Médaille d’Or has been the choice of the most famous shoemakers and manufacturers of leather goods.

In 1925 in Paris, Saphir was awarded the Gold Medal for the quality of its leather care products, and since then offers a complete and unequalled range of care products which is the result of continuous research and close collaboration with the most famous brands in the world of leather goods and shoes.We select our raw materials according to their efficiency, and use natural products : turpentine, beeswax, carnauba wax, lanolin, mink, neetsfoot and vegetal oil...

This is why the most famous shoemakers and international leather goods manufacturers use Saphir Medaille D’Or for the finishing of their leather. Our products will enable you to preserve the original patina of your leather articles, protect them against weather and help you enjoy the special craftsmanship they were made with for many years to come.