Leather of quality so high, that shoes becomes something more than just another pair in the collection – that’s one of the biggest priorities of PATINE. Kind of the leather and its quality are the two fundaments. And relying on that, we have build our offer. Elegant shoes made of doubtful quality materials do not have much in common with elegance itself. When it comes to classic dress shoes and quality casual shoes there are no half measures, that is why they must be crafted accordingly to canons of the art. Due to our respect to Craftmanship and Customers we focus only on the best leathers that creates a difference. Our sources can sometimes change, however priorities will stay the same.



PATINE Goodyear Welted SHOES are mostly made of calf leathers from French tanneries D’Annonay and DuPuy. Those are exceptionally beautiful materials from selection which is not available for every brand. Currently all grain leather in PATINE SHOES are made of these. High quality suede in our models comes from Italy. Some of the MTO pairs can be produced from materials of other origin but quality is always the priority.



French, Italian and British leathers are used in production of TLB MALLORCA GYW & TLB ARTISTA SHOES. Mallorcan masters of the craft most often works with materials made in D’Annonay, Ilcea, Charles F. Stead. Besides a classic Boxcalf it is worth to become more familiar with suede shoes and characteristic Museum Calf. In some collections and MTO other leathers can be used; such like Horween Shell Cordovan or Japanese Cordovan. Luxury shoes that leavee TLB factory are additionally treated with SAPHIR Medaille d’Or creams and waxes.



Classic shoes by YANKO for many years now are made of great quality leathers from various countries like Italy, France, Spain, USA, Argentina or Japan. Among consonant suppliers of natural leather there are brands like D’Annonay, DuPuy and Horween. For special attention deserves manually dyed leathers of irregular hue (YES) – ex. Yes Testa de Moro.