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Patina Shoes

Patinating is a word that defines manual aging of footwear leather using the best SAPHIR paints, creams and waxes. The whole process is carried out with the help of special preparations (paints) and tools (brushes or airbrushes) on shoes made of untreated, natural leather. The result of manual patination is always unique, which makes this activity gaining popularity among lovers of the original outfit and original style. Anyone can do the patination, but only people with many years of experience are usually able to achieve the expected breath-taking results. Due to the fact that we were the first company in Poland to develop this industry, we can recommend craftsmen who can do the best patination in the country and will carry out almost every project on our shoes.

The patination process creates very wide possibilities in terms of personalization of footwear. The operation is mainly based on painting - special, penetrating SAPHIR paints are spread with a brush on the surface of the shoe's leather using a brush, sponge, cloth or, sometimes, an airbrush. Good leather absorbs the pigment giving initially a slightly transparent effect. Usually, several layers of paint are applied, and unique brush strokes create the unique character of each hand-patinated shoe. After obtaining the desired colour effect, the shoes are finished with special creams and waxes brand SAPHIR and then polished to achieve the final effect. The effect after painting and after the final finish is usually completely different, what an experienced craftsman always takes into account.