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Women’s socks – a subtle, elegant detail shop specializes in men’s formal footwear and accessories, however we don’t forget about women. The socks for ladies are true exclusive gear which delight with perfect finishing and uncommon appearance. Due the production process only noble materials were used (high-grade cotton, worsted wool, silk, cashmere) with addition of modern materials. This defines about the comfort of wearing and other attributes.

High women’s socks as a perfect suit complement
The socks in our stock are available in many varieties. We offer carefully designed and made models of the brand Berthe, which specializes in production of highest quality socks. All the models are finished by hand with the goal of perfect fitting to women’s foot. Anatomic shape and welt made from natural materials makes the socks feels great, do not put pressure on the body and do not slides down.

We offer both – knee and ankle socks. Wide range of colors and patterns will appeal to every woman and broad size table makes fitting not an issue anymore. Elegant socks are the perfect fulfilment of the suit however if they are chosen with sense and made of highest quality materials. Only this kind of product will be found in our shop.