SAPHIR MDOR Creme Pommadier 75ml

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SAPHIR MDOR Vegetable Tanned Leather Cream 75ml - Krem do pielęgnacji butów i akcesoriów ze skór garbowanych

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SAPHIR MDOR Mirror Gloss 75ml

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PATINE store gives a complete offer for a gentleman. Section with accessories and tools to shoe care is a place where one can purchase many useful stuff. We offer belts made of high quality leather in wide range of colors which allows to match them with the color of shoes. Shoe laces, soft real leather insoles and also full range of products to clean and nourish an elegant shoes.



The correct care is a key to maintain the shoe in a good shape. Moreover, if the shoes was not cheap, it is worth to give them some attention. A quality products makes it easy and pleasant. We offer great quality waxes, creams, cleaners, protectors, brushes and many more. Also, an important thing that one tend to forget about are the shoe trees – it is worth to keep them in our shoes to prevent them from deformation. Shoe trees also makes any cleaning and care process a lot easier because of filling the shoe and pulling up the leather a bit.

Is proper care and cleaning hard for You? Patine store is a solution. High quality products will help to keep the shoe in a good condition no matter what material are they made of – easy and efficient. We introduce You to check on our offer.