About Ties


Our most exclusive range of hand-cut (one by one) and hand-folded ties. The main seam (slip-stitch) also hand-made. Hand sewn belt buckles and logos.


The lining of selected models has been made from the same fabric as the tie. This is quite a rare operation due it need to use more expensive material.


High-quality wool makes tie a tie and also achieving a desired “teardrop” effect look easy and fun. For selected models, it is necessary to add a small layer of high-quality cotton for optimal resilience and volume.

Where are we sewing ? What materials are we using?

The store offers high quality collections of ties made in Poland, Italy and the Far East (China). The ties sewn in Poland come from a small, family-owned workshop that uses fabrics from the best Italian and English spinning miles. Ties sewn in Italy are mostly made of fabrics from Como - a region that for centuries has been famous for producing the highest quality silk. Ties sewn in the Far East are made of carefully selected fabrics with a very good quality/price ratio - after all, silk comes from China and even English and Italian spinning mills import raw silk yarn from there.

Tie box

Each tie is sent in an original, exclusive, cube-shaped box with a magnet. Both the tie and the box are a ready gift for a man for many occasions.