Goodyear Welted

What is Goodyear Welted ?

Goodyear Welted (GYW) is a traditional method of making shoes. It is identified with highest quality, optimal comfort and astonishing durability. It is based on the craft process of attaching the upper to the sole by the welt. This method of sewing allows to connect these two elements avoiding the direct contact between them. This type of construction is an often choice of many shoe factories because of its many pros, despite complicated, expensive and challenging process. GYW maintain the synonym of comfort, luxury and quality for years.



GYW shoes made of good quality leather and according to canons can be worn up for dozens of years and maintain its primal characteristics. Because of the fact that classics will always remain, some models are hand on from generation to another. High quality materials used during the process of production is a necessity. Using cheaper components becomes unprofitable because it can crush all the hard work put in GYW process. The welt used while sewing forces to create a wide rim that protects the upper from damage. This construction also does not help the water to get into the shoe which makes them more resistant to the weather conditions than for example cemented shoes. GYW allows to place a layer of a cork between insole and outsole which adapts to persons anatomy. This means an another level of comfort.



Easy removal sole in GYW shoes is one of its biggest advantages, which is hard to measure. A good shoes are often connected to some memories, naturally becomes something personal and sentimental. Well cared Goodyear welted shoes won’t ever look bad, more rather they will acquire an own style after some time. A few year old natural patina makes a great impression. Well cared upper can survive decades, however even the best outsole after some contact with hard ground and sharp edges will be destroyed or simply worn out. Because of the sole is not directly connected to the upper (but the welt instead) the replacement becomes a piece of a cake – for a specialist of course.

Most of top brands have in their offer replacing the used sole. Good craftsman will handle it also. Thanks to that we can always look elegant and built up our sentiment to GYW shoes. This method is not attached to any of shoe category – oxfords, brogues, monks, loafers, boots... they all can be GYW, all can look astonishing and give the special quality offered by this unique method of making shoes.


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