TLB Mallorca Shoes

TLB Mallorca Shoes

TLB Mallorca is a luxury shoe brand that has stormed the world's markets over the last few years and now entering the most recognised and demanded markets. TLB Mallorca shoes were created on the foundation of a few generations of experience and passion of masters of shoemaking handicraft from Mallorca. The highest standards close to perfection are the philosophy that has helped the brand to win the hearts of lovers of classic Goodyear Welted shoes in every geographical location.



Models of classic shoes TLB MALLORCA in an extremely subtle way combine respect for tradition with a modern twist. This gives you the impression that timeless, always fashionable classics enter today's canons and trends in a very smooth and natural way. In this case, multi-generational tradition, manual craftsmanship, outstanding quality, and current trends are playing in one team giving demanding customers exactly what they expect. As a result, these luxurious and extremely elegant shoes with a character quickly became recognizable and desired by elegant men who value style and class.



Quality, durability, comfort of use, optimal isolation, possibility of changing the soles, easy renovation and repair process - these are just a few arguments that make the group of ardent supporters of GOODYEAR WELTED shoes constantly growing. Sewing high-quality GYW shoes is not an easy or cheap process. It is a difficult, demanding, long-lasting and multi-stage process. The process requires over 150 stages. That is why mass production from weak raw materials and replacements is not the goal. That is why TLB Mallorca is committed to multidimensional quality, based on leather and craft expertise. The finest natural materials give the brand the opportunity which uses them. High-class shoemaking craftsmanship does not exist without absolutely perfect leather. That is why you will find here only the best leathers tanned with traditional vegetable methods. Only leathers from the best tanneries in the world, mainly Italian and French. Only carefully selected batches of leathers, which are rigorously checked at the workshop to ensure the best standard of structure and grain.


If you ever have the opportunity to meet the people who stand behind the TLB Mallorca brand, you will quickly realize how powerful knowledge, passion, and determination drive them. The process of sewing TLB shoes is far from what you can experience in many other factories. In the TLB workshop, shoemaking is based on the criterion of absolute quality and is far from the production goals that drive many other brands. Responsibility and strict control over the various stages of the process always pays off with a beautiful pair of shoes created to the satisfaction of the customer. When you take a beautiful pair of shoes in your hand, it is important to think about the people who make them make you feel that you are holding the shoes
with soul.



After the enormous success of the TLB Mallorca brand in the global markets after the inauguration of its first collections, something great has happened. The masters did not rest on their laurels but took a true champion hit, revealing the new, even better, and even more exclusive TLB Artist shoe line. Absolutely gorgeous classic shoes for the conscious consumer, who is able to appreciate the craftsmanship, details, and tastes. RTW shoes, in the quality and standard characteristic of BESPOKE. Shoes that that are being talked about:

  • The best shoes in the world in their price category
  • Shoes in which the price/quality ratio has been screwed to the limit
  • Shoes that are too cheap compared to what they offer

These are just a few of the opinions that can be found not only among customers but also among industry experts and authorities. The imagination of shoe lovers is aroused mainly by the very narrow waist of these shoes and an attractively exposed beveled slim. But this is just a prelude because in TLB Artista shoes you will find much more details, which until now have been reserved for hand-sewn shoes on an individual order. Is it worth it? Try it and come back to us with an answer!