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Patine Shoes

Patine Shoes

Quality, Leathers & GYW

PATINE SHOES made in EU country with full respect for human rights, a great team spirit and employee respect. We are working only with quality leathers from the best tannery, like D’annonay and DuPuy. We love Slow-Fashion, quality and Goodyear Welted construction.



"Lasts are the absolute key element in creating high-class shoes" - Tadeusz Januszkiewicz (Shoemaker). If you’re holding in your hands PATINE shoes, and their lasts symbol starts with ‘TJ’ – beware, these are not just ordinary shoes! All these models have lasts created by one of the greatest shoemakers in Polish history, Mr. Tadeusz Januszkiewicz. Master Tadeusz born 1927, started his apprenticeship at the age of 16, in a then occupied Poland. His passion for making handcrafted shoes endured through World War II and years of communist Poland. Nowadays, there are very few Polish workshops left where shoes are handcrafted with the highest quality. Located at Chmielna Street in Warsaw, the workshop of Master Januszkiewicz is one of them. Thank you, Master, for the lasts you made, for your advice, for your invaluable help and support!