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Patine Shoes

Brogues 77020C

TJ Ina G / Cambridge Dark Brown
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Patine Shoes

PATINE is one of the first Polish brands offering classic luxury shoes sewn with the Goodyear Welted method. Many years of cooperation with the best Polish Shoemaking Artists and contacts in the shoe and leather industry developed for a decade all over the world resulted in a very wide collection of classic, elegant shoes which successfully compete with recognized brands on markets all over the world. PATINE SHOES are shoes that every year reach enthusiasts of high-quality footwear in every geographic latitude. The offer includes beautiful oxfords and phenomenal brogues, loafers, monk shoes, and boots - all sewn using the frame method. GYW is a traditional, demanding and difficult method of sewing shoes, which has gained a group of enthusiastic followers for good reason. Lovers of classic, men's elegance know very well that the last thing you can save on is shoes. A good pair of shoes will always remain the foundation and key element of a style. This is not a theory, but a fact - repeatedly tested and confirmed. Not sure where to start? Start with really good shoes!