PATINE Knee Socks Shadow POD0105 Black / Blue - Podkolanówki klasyczne

Knee Socks

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Patine Socks

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  • Type: Socks

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64% bawełna (cotton) / 36% poliamid (polyamide)

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Czarne eleganckie podkolanówki męskie typu SHADOW z niebieskimi wydzieleniami to idealne uzupełnienie wielu stylizacji, od tych najbardziej formalnych po casual. Z łatwością dopasujesz je do eleganckich garniturów i casualowych stylizacji. Pięknie prezentują się w połączeniu z wełną, tweedem, sztruksem i jeansem. Wysokie, klasyczne skarpety męskie z nowej linii powstałej, dzięki konsultacjom z naszymi stałymi Klientami. Teraz w żadnym wypadki nie grozi Ci odsłonięta łydka, nawet podczas siadania. Podkolanówki, dzięki którym doświadczysz jeszcze większego komfortu i dopasowania. Idealny pomysł na prezent dla mężczyzny, zwłaszcza w kolorowym zestawie kilku par.


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Casualowe męskie podkolanówki czarne z niebieskimi wydzieleniami. Podkolanówki do trampek i butów eleganckich.
PATINE Knee Socks Shadow POD0105 Black / Blue - Podkolanówki klasyczne
€11.31 / para


We offer footwear only from the best leather on the market supplied by the most recognized tanneries in the world. Our leather comes mainly from Italy and France, and is produced using traditional methods based on many years of experience. Our raw materials are subjected to several rigorous inspections to guarantee the highest possible quality. As a result, we are able to provide our customers with shoes that with proper care can be passed on from generation to generation.


A wide range of footwear soles will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. From the most elegant leather butts for lovers of classic solutions, through rubber combined with the leather, which gives optimal comfort of use, to very resistant rubber soles, which are perfect even in extreme autumn-winter urban conditions. The vast majority of the offer are shoes sewn using the Goodyear Welted method, which has been preferred for the production of the highest quality classic footwear for years. A solution that has many advantages, and the biggest one is the trouble-free possibility of replacing the worn out soles with new ones after use.

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The art of fitting - choose the perfect size

Most of our clients do not have a big problem with choosing the optimal size for themselves. It happens, however, that at the beginning of the adventure with classic footwear it is a bit problematic. That is why we have a GOLD STANDARD and full assistance from experienced support, which minimizes the risk and stress associated with choosing the size of the footwear. With each order it becomes much easier.

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GoodYear Welted - SEWING FOR YEARS

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