Brogues 435 Marron

Model, który dzięki ażurowym wykończeniom i medalionowi stylistycznie odbiega nieco od najbardziej formalnych wiedenek. Takie rozwiązanie czyni z tych butów sztandarowy model do zestawów koordynowanych nie wykluczając zestawienia ich z garniturem. Doskonały wybór dla garniturów roboczych i zestawów codziennych. Jeden z najbardziej uniwersalnych modeli, przez co masz pewność, że te właśnie buty będą w grupie tych najlepiej pasujących na wiele okazji.

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  • €277.61 / para

Product information

  • Last: 915 (size chart)
  • Fit: F
  • Shoe type: Oxfords
  • Leather: finest quality calf leather
  • Type/colour of leather: Cambridge Niger
  • Sole: Leather

Classic toe-cap oxfords are the most elegant shoes a man could ever wear. An absolute must-have and the most essential shoes in every man’s wardrobe. These are the shoes which usually bring men into the world of elegance. Very universal- Oxfords will look equally great during a night out, at business meetings and in daily office work as well. Connoisseurs value these shoes for being coherent with canon and for a broad spectrum of opportunities to wear them. Classics of the classics.


YANKO is a brand of shoes produced on the island of Mallorca where it was created in 1961 by master artisans specializing in the manufacture of high quality footwear. From its humble beginnings it soon developed into one of the most important and prestigious footwear companies in Europe during the 80s. So much so, that in its heyday, YANKO was manufacturing more than a million pairs of shoes a year. YANKO has spent more than half a century manufacturing shoes using the traditional Goodyear Welt technique. All phases of production undergo strict and thorough quality checks, verifying that products meet all requirements at each state of the manufacturing process. At the same time adhering to the needs and expectations of customers as far as quality and pricing are concerned.

YANKO Leathers
Yanko shoes are made of the finest quality calf leathers, coming from tanneries in France, Italy, Germany ...

Goodyear Welted
Stitching technique and shoe construction, associated with the most luxurious brands in our profession. Goodyear welted shoes are practically immortal, often handed down from generation to generation. Made of finest quality leathers, properly conditioned upper parts of the shoe will frequently outlive their owner. Thanks to Goodyear welting, worn out soles may be replaced with new ones. You should therefore be aware that you are looking at shoes which will serve you for many years to come.

Shoe Care
As time passes, properly cared high-end shoes look better and better- leather becomes covered with patina, while the shoes themselves adjust to the shape of their owner’s feet. These are some of the features which make premium shoes easily distinguished from ordinary ones. To enjoy this quality for years, please remember to care about your shoes systematically.

Items recommended for shoe care

  1. Saphir Wooden Shoe Trees – they keep your shoes in proper shape, absorb humidity, smell wonderfully
  2. Renovateur Cream Saphir – cleanses and renovates leather
  3. Pommadier Cream Saphir – nourishes leather, makes it more flexible & waterproof, and deepens its colour
  4. Pate de Luxe Saphir – allows to achieve a high-shine effect (Mirror Shine)
  5. Dubbin Saphir – Dubbin grease, recommended for leather soles and for restoring dried out leather

Accessories and etceteras


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